Drinking Water from the Sun and Sea

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SolDeSal provides fresh water supply of drinking quality on a large scale. The technology requires no other natural resources but Sun and Seawater. A solar field of one square mile can sustain a city of a population of approximately 80100 thousand. Since the cost of produced water is very low, the fresh water can also be used for irrigation of agricultural land providing a wide base for economic prosperity and growth. These resources are most abundantly available in areas where the population growth is the fastest and where fresh water resources are the scarcest. The technology provides a solution for reclamation of brackish or waste water in dry continental inland areas as well.

Other water desalination methods are very energy intensive: Reverse osmosis uses electricity, while conventional thermal desalination uses fossil fuel. By the unique combination of solar based steam and power generation, the SolDeSal technology eliminates the dependency and use of external energy resources.










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Since all other methods rely on conventional energy sources, they are all main contributors of CO2 emission (as the source of most of the conventional electricity is fossil fuel). Since all energy used by the SolDeSal process comes from the Sun it reduces CO2 emission by the amount that would be required to generate the electricity or thermal power for a comparable size conventional system.