Drinking Water from the Sun and Sea




Unique, Patented Integration of three technologies:

·         New, innovative, high density solar thermal steam generator

·         Conventional steam turbine power generation with patented high temperature thermal storage system

·         Conventional water cooled or new, innovative dry-cooled thermal desalination


High Density Solar Thermal Steam Generation

New, cost effective, patented technology that provides high yield and high performance. It generates steam directly converting the energy of the sun. A large reflector filed collects the sunlight by absorbing it in water filled tubes. The water heats up and evaporates creating a high pressure steam-flow that is ideal for industrial use. The system features a simple, robust, construction, ideal for modularization, prefabrication and quick field erection. Once commissioned it requires low maintenance and has very simple operation.


Desalination and Power Generation Process

A fraction of the high pressure steam from the Solar Thermal field is used for turbine driven power generation. The balance of the steam is utilized as a heat source in a Multi-Effect Evaporative Desalination (MED) process. 

Conventional water cooled MED is employed in coastal application, while patented dry-cooling is used in arid inland areas.

The SolDeSal technology has water storage tank system where the surplus of fresh water - generated during the sun-lit hours - can be stored and supplied during nights and cloudy hours,

A patented high-temperature thermal storage system is applied to optimize the water and power generation requirements.








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Advantages of SolDeSal Technology

·         Commercially viable on a Municipal and Agricultural Scale: Virtually free fresh water from the Sun and seawater is able to sustain communities of tens of thousands of people per installation

·         Available for coastal areas for seawater desalination or in inland regions for brackish water reclamation

·         Island” Mode: SolDeSal technology is Independent of external energy sources

·         Sustainable: SolDeSal technology emulates Nature’s way of fresh water making

·         Energy Efficient: SolDeSal is 40% more efficient than any other solar thermal process

·         Environmentally Friendly: The SolDeSal technology has zero CO2 emission since it relies only on the energy of sun

·         Exceptionally  low cost of water: The process requires very little else than Sun and Seawater and the operating cost of the SolDeSal plant is negligible since it is highly automated

·         Simple Storage: Water storage tanks can accommodate supply and demand swings

·         Cost effective high-temperature thermal storage enables continuous operation during nights